How to take shilajit

How To Take Shilajit And 6 Great Ways To Use It Daily

Shilajit is a hidden treasure in the mountains. It might look like a sticky rock but it has a high amount of minerals, amino acids and other nutrients which is why it is a favorite in ayurvedic medicine. It increases our energy levels, protects our body from infections, reduces the aging process making us look younger and protects our cells from damage. If you are into starting a healthier life and want to try out natural supplements, shilajit is one of your best choices. In this article you’ll discover how to take shilajit and 6 ways to easily add it to your daily diet for maximum effect.

How To Take Shilajit

Shilajit comes in three forms: liquid, powder. and capsules. There is no scientific evidence of which option is the best one so just choose the one you feel most comfortable with. There isn’t an ideal dosage for shilajit, some researchers say that the recommended dose is from 300 mg to 500 mg, while others say that you should take 150 mg once or twice per day. If you are wondering what is the right dosage to you, you should consult your doctor because the right one depends on so many factors: your age, your weight, if you have any disease, what you are looking to achieve by taking the shilajit, etc.

The 6 Best Ways To Take Shilajit: Shilajit Recipes and Ideas

Here are some great ways to use shilajit:

  1. Mix 1 portion of shilajit powder with 2 portions of distilled water until it has a creamy texture. Apply or areas with wounds, bruises, and burns.
  2. Mix 1 portion of shilajit with 12 parts of saline solution and apply with a wet cloth in the area where you have muscle trauma or fracture.
  3. Take 200 mg of shilajit once a day to speed up the muscle recovery, boost your immune system and fight free radical damage.
  4. Take shilajit before exercising to increase the energy levels and boost the endurance to high-intense exercise.If you want to make it taste better, mix it with honey and milk.
  5. Take 150 mg right after waking up to give yourself a boost of energy and increase concentration and mental activity.
  6. Take 150 mg twice a day to reduce fatigue.

Please keep in mind that these dosages might not work for everyone, and the results may vary. After you start taking it, wait 10 days to see if you notice desired results. Capsules are by far the easiest way to take shilajit. A great number of people that take the liquid form find that it tastes “earthy” and bitter so if you are thinking about drinking it mix it with natural sweeteners.

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