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Shilajit And Testosterone: A First Hand Experience (3+ Years of Use)

You need good testosterone levels in your blood in order to sustain an active lifestyle, especially if you’re heavily into sports and other energetic activities. Ayurvedic shilajit is the perfect natural testosterone booster if you have no intention to go down the route of potentially dangerous drugs or pills. In this article I share my experience with shilajit, and how taking it for over 3 years has affected my testosterone levels and health more generally. Enjoy your read!

How I Discovered Shilajit

My experience with Shilajit started a few years ago when I glanced over my ex colleague’s desk and spotted a jar with some black resinous stuff in it. He was taking a pea-size amount using a small spoon and mixing it in his coffee a few times a day.

Intrigued by this unusual behavior, on my way to the coffee machine I stopped by his desk and asked him what exactly he added to his coffee. He said it was something called Shilajit. He then handed me the jar and told me to smell the black resin. The smell was strong, intense, and somehow “mystical”.

shilajit testosterone

When I asked what this shilajit was exactly, he explained that it was the product of bacterial decomposition of plant material, that is usually found at the top of the mountains. He mentioned that this resin is extremely rich in antioxidant, and has powerful rejuvenating and energizing properties. He kindly gave me a little sample from his preparation to try for a few days.

Shilajit and Testosterone: What Does Science Say?

Naturally, as a scientist with a PhD in Life Sciences, the first thing I did before starting taking the resin, was to look up Shilajit on Google scholar, searching for published scientific evidence for its health benefits. To my surprise, quite a few studies had already confirmed the positive effects of shilajit on human health. There are studies showing shilajit beneficial effects on the brain health, on the immune system, on glucose metabolism and on reducing inflammation.

But amongst all the body of research confirming the powers of shilajit, one 2016 clinical study on the journal Andrologia really stood out for me, as the authors confirmed that shilajit increases testosterone after 90 days of continued use.

As an amateur athlete and sexually active heterosexual male, I’m always on the lookout for natural ways to boost my testosterone levels, and shilajit seemed now the perfect deal. Upon learning of such discovery, I started adding a very small amount of resin in my coffee or milk, while at work or before working out in the gym.

My Shilajit Brand Choice For A Natural Testosterone Boost

I have to admit that, at least initially, I hardly felt any significant effect using shilajit. However, I did notice that, after a couple of weeks of use, I could feel more focused, and I could perform better in the gym when lifting weights or doing aerobic exercises. Also, I could also feel more “aware” somehow, as my concentration levels were improved.

Clearly, as the study itself described, prolonged shilajit use of at least 90 days was required in order to achieve a significant increase in testosterone. This meant that I had to continue my daily intake of shilajit. As I had only a small sample initially, I asked my ex-colleague to send me the exact brand of shilajit he was consuming so that I could purchase an entire jar that could last at least 90 days.

He recommended Mountain Blood Shilajit, as it’s a trusted brand, offering high-quality shilajit, which is naturally and ethically sourced in Siberia. It has a cool name too, reminding you of the true origins of the resin! Click here if you’re interested in reading a complete Mountain Blood Shilajit review, with all the pros and cons of using this preparation. This is the resin I have been using for the past 3 years daily.

shilajit testosterone

One important note: as I begun using the resin daily I noticed that it turns hard after a while and it becomes more and more difficult to dose (the manufacturers recommend a pea-size amount twice a day). I managed to find a workaround to this by heating up the jar in the microwave for few seconds to let the resin loosen up a little so that it is easier to handle with a spoon. Alternatively, you might consider switching to shilajit capsules, which are much more convenient for prolonged use and several brands are now making shilajit in this form.

Shilajit and Testosterone Results: 3+ Years Of Continued Use

Fast forward 3 years into the present, what were the effects of shilajit on my testosterone levels and overall health after more than 3 years of daily use?

Before we jump to conclusions, I have to disclose that aside from shilajit, I also take other supplements such as vitamins and mineral-based supplements that might also have an effect on my testosterone and energy levels. None of these supplement is a testosterone-enhancing drug or pill of any sort, and none of these supplements is explicitly advertised as testosterone-boosting, and neither is shilajit, of course.

Most importantly, I found that in most cases, the testosterone boosting effect of shilajit was independent from the effect I felt with using other supplements. In other words, whenever I stopped my daily shilajit intake for more than a week (during my first 90 days), I could clearly feel a decrease in libido and energy, even though I was still taking other supplements.

Another thing to bear in mind is that I am generally a pretty healthy guy, in his early 30’s, living a healthy and active lifestyle. I go to the gym at least twice a week, I eat a protein-rich diet, I don’t smoke and I only drink socially on weekends, and I am sexually active. Naturally, my base testosterone levels are already decent and even before starting supplementation of any kind, I felt good levels of energy, focus and had a healthy libido.

However, for starters, I am not getting any younger. Secondly, my lifestyle has been getting more and more stressful, which in turn has impacted my overall health in recent years. For example, I don’t always have time to go to the gym as I used to when I was a student. But most worryingly, if I did have the time, I did not have the energy to complete a full workout.

Lastly, I would have to mention that my libido, while still healthy, has been decreasing over the past few years, and especially after a long day at work, the only use I see for a bed is a good night’s sleep.

For these and other reasons I have decided to start a supplementation regime, which I’ve always felt it should be as natural and chemical-free as possible.

I have been taking a pea-size amount of shilajit at least twice a day, every day, for 3 years, usually once in the morning right after I wake up and one after I finish work in the evenings. I tried sticking to the same schedule during weekends and holidays as well. For the past 3 years, I have been taking the resin by placing it under my tongue. On occasion, I have added shilajit to my coffee or milk as well.

Shilajit Testosterone Report

Without further ado, here’s what I have to report for my typical day, after 3+ years of using shilajit daily:

  • Waking up in the mornings doesn’t feel as bad. I remember how much I used to struggle getting out of bed at the dreaded sound of the alarm clock, being a night owl. I am now always fresh when I wake up and ready to face the day. I have noticed that this is case even if sleep less hours than usual.
  • I have been getting my “morning wood” every single morning, consistently. Punctual like a Swiss watch at 5 o clock, my flag rises proudly every morning. This is clearly a sign that blood is flowing properly down there, and that testosterone levels are nice and high.For me personally, this is one of the clear signs that shilajit has had a significant effect, as before adding shilajit to my diet, I would not get a morning wood every single day, especially when I was particularly tired or stressed.
  • I can focus more effectively and I am more productive at work. It is difficult to say whether shilajit was fundamental in this, but I have noticed that I can focused for longer periods of time on a given task, and I am also able to perform it more effectively, be it quicker or simply in a more efficient way. This could very well be due to shilajit’s beneficial effects on brain function, as highlighted by scientific research which I mentioned earlier. I am a coffee drinker and I still drink 3-4 coffees a day, and I remember that before discovering shilajit I literally *needed* caffeine to get through my day. Right now, I drink coffee as a pleasure rather than a need, and I can easily perform all my tasks as planned as well without any coffee.
  • I don’t feel constantly hungry as I used to. It is likely that daily consumption of shilajit had a positive effect on my glucose metabolism, one of shilajit’s benefits proven by research. I remember having a constant urge to snack before lunch and to load up on sweets to ramp up my sugar levels right after every meal. Not to mention how hungry I would be when I’d get home in the evenings, so much that I would end up shoving down my throat so much junk even before having dinner. I feel that my diet is generally more balanced, and that I feel hungry more or less at around the same time everyday.
  • I feel more energy and a constant need to release it. As I get to the end of my work day, I feel that I still have a lot of energy left. Specifically, I feel motivated to go to the gym or practice physical activities even after a long day. I remember that before starting my supplementation with shilajit, going to the gym after work felt like an immense burden, both physically and mentally. Now, my competitive spirit is simply “on fire” (due to testosterone, which is the hormone responsible for male competitiveness) and I can’t wait to start my workout to push my body to the limits. I feel so much better after working out, and my recovery times are shortened compared to a few years ago, when I remember feeling exhausted, and needing many days to fully recover before hitting the gym again.
  • My libido is going to the moon. I remember how tired I felt after a long day at work, and how my libido was basically down to zero. So much that my sexual activity was almost always limited to the weekends. This was a problem especially in the evenings, when testosterone levels are always a bit lower. Shilajit’s effects on my libido were evident after a couple of months of consistent use, and I realized it when I noticed increased sexual urges daily (sometimes randomly!), even with little or no mental stimulation.

Shilajit to Boost Testosterone: What Are My Conclusions?

As you could most certainly gather from this article, I have experienced a positive change in my testosterone levels using shilajit, and I will continue taking this resin for years to come. Shilajit’s unusual and bitter taste might not make it the ideal solution for everyone, but if you’re looking for a natural superfood to boost your testosterone and energy levels, you should give it a try!

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